10 Reasons Why Carry Me is the Best Commuter Bike

There are many commuter bike models in the market. However, one particular brand easily comes out on top: Pacific Cycles CarryMe folding bike. It is a lightweight, foldable power-horse, designed to meet all your needs as a city commuter.

No matter where you go, every city has its own unique challenges. Some common inconveniences include peak-hour traffic, inefficient public transport networks and crowds. 

All this waiting inevitably eats into our downtime, but a commuter bike helps us take back time we would have otherwise wasted. Time we’d rather spend bonding with friends over a drink or having dinner with our families.

Reasons why we swear by the CarryMe commuter bike:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • With a weight of just 8.4 kg as the world’s lightest travel bike, CarryMe is suitable for all ages to ride and handle with ease. From kids to the elderly, casual riders or daily commuters to professional cyclists, CarryMe is built for everyone to enjoy.

  • 2) Ultra compact folding & easy storage

  • Not all commuter bikes are created equal. When it comes to storing your bike away at the end of a day’s ride, no other bike models can compare to the CarryMe.

    A fully folded CarryMe bike, standing upright, takes up very little space. So long as you have 30cm x 20cm of available floor space, you’d have enough room in your life for the CarryMe.

    best commuter bike singapore_2

    This makes it perfect for city living where there is limited apartment space.

    The CarryMe is also designed with a unique sliding front head tube, giving it a sturdy joining system. Folding and unfolding the commuter bike is a simple task that everyone can learn in a few minutes. 

  • 3) Easy to move around

  • As the main bike frame is equipped with two roller wheels, you can choose to maneuver it by pushing the bike beside you in a fully upright position or push it at a tilted angle with both hands in front of you.

  • 4) An everyday bike

  • best commuter bike singapore_3

    Because of its compact form factor and lightweight built, you can literally go anywhere without feeling like the CarryMe bike is slowing you down. You can bring it onto the train or bus, wheel it into the mall as you window shop or have a cup of coffee.

    best commuter bike singapore_4

    Keep it safe in a museum locker as you wander through the exhibits. Heck, you can even park it beside your office desk in between uses.

    Say goodbye to the days where you have to fumble around with bicycle chains and padlocks to keep your non-foldable commuter bike safe from thieves. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a lack of space to park your bike anymore.

  • 5) Seamlessly transforms into a travel bike  

  • Want to bring your trusty CarryMe commuter bike with you on an overseas trip? You can do so without breaking a sweat. Specially designed for travel, the CarryMe comes with its own dedicated trailer & luggage kit.

    Simply pack your bike into the luggage and it is now a travel suitcase you can check in at the airport. After reaching your destination, you can immediately unpack the commuter bike from the luggage, put your personal belongings into the travel kit and start exploring the new city on your CarryMe.

  • 6) Simple yet efficient

  • best commuter bike singapore_5

    With its efficient single-speed gear set up, you won’t need to worry about the technical aspect of changing gears. You are the one to determine your speed: ride as leisurely or as fast as you want on the commuter bike.

    On a 70 to 90 cadence, you can easily reach a speed of 19 to 21 km/h on your Carry Me.

  • 7) Simple maintenance

  • Cleaning the CarryMe is a breeze. You won’t have to deal with rusting as its frame is made out of 7005 Aluminium alloy. The commuter bike's single-speed gearing also means you can cut down on the time spent cleaning sprockets and gears.

  • 8) Special customised colours

  • Your commuter bike doesn’t have to be coated in the typical black or navy blue. Why not let your personality shine through our vibrant bike colours?

    We handpicked nine custom-made colours from the Pantone colour palette to produce our CarryMe bikes. There are no other bike establishments in the world that’s selling these exclusive CarryMe commuter bike colours.

    Moreover, our bike colours are offered in three series.

    If you like a classy ride, the Classic Series is for you:

    best commuter bike singapore_6

    • Crimson red
    • Electric blue
    • Forest green

    The Mystic Series appeals to those who prefer pastels:

    best commuter bike singapore_7

    • Khaki brown
    • Aquamarine green
    • Slate grey

    For those who dare to be different, the Vivid Series is perfect for you:

    best commuter bike singapore_8

    • Amber orange
    • Lime green
    • Sky blue

    9) Option to gear up with accessories

    Your journey with your commuter bike doesn’t end after you buy and ride it. Jazz up your Carry Me with a wide variety of accessories:

    best commuter bike singapore_9

    Made out of sturdy ABS/TPU material with a carbon fiber finish, the hard case is designed for the adventurous traveller. The case is equipped with a standard TSA lock and boast 360 degree rotating wheels to maximise the convenience of bringing the commuter bike overseas.

    best commuter bike singapore_10

    Consisting of one pull rod (with rubber suspension), two 8” trailer wheels and two quick release axles, transform the travel hard case into a trailer you can drag behind you as you ride the bike. When detached, these accessories can be conveniently packed in the luggage.

    best commuter bike singapore_11

    Avoid dust and dirt from coming into contact with your bike when you drape it with our specially designed Carry Me dust cover.

    • Foldable rear carrier

    best commuter bike singapore_12

    Find yourself needing extra space to hang your belongings on your commuter bike? The detachable Carry Me rear carrier gives you what you need without compromising the foldability of the bike.

    Note: The rear carrier can support up to a maximum load of 10 kg.

    • Carrying bag

    best commuter bike singapore_13

    The water-resistant carrying bag lets you pack your folded commuter bike. Its padded strap provides extra comfort as you carry the bike on your shoulders.

  • 10) Quality manufacturer

  • best commuter bike singapore_14

    As someone who will be doing a lot of daily first and last mile commuting, it’s good to ensure that you have a high quality commuter bike so it can last you for the long run.

    Get the Carry Me and you’ll be guaranteed to receive a Made in Taiwan, quality commuter bike from Pacific Cycles. If you don’t know, Pacific Cycle is an international bike company that produces bike brands like Birdy, IF and Reach.