How We Got Started

Designed by George Lin of Pacific Cycles in Taichung, Taiwan in 2005, CarryMe is today one of the most portable and lightest folding bicycles in the world. It was developed with deep research into three different bikes at that time, namely the PB Blanchard, Zero and Mini 125.

The first version of the CarryMe travel case was designed and developed in 2008 as a suitcase and backpack. Recently, further improvements have turned it into a sturdy travel case with a convenient detachable bike trailer kit.

Today, CarryMe has evolved into a commuter and travel lifestyle, predominantly popular in Asia, especially in Japan and Taiwan, with many of our riders showing their travels and bike jaunts on Instagram and Facebook .

The all new 2019 CarryMe now travels with you in its bike case and an easy-to-use bike trailer kit. Both are optional accessories that you will fall in love with once you take up bike touring to discover more of the world.


The Commuter

CarryMe will make train and bike commuting easy and convenient. Cycle to the train station or bus stop, just fold, carry or roll into public transport and continue your ride. Being car-lite, and able to part commute by bike, train and bus can be fun and easy to do.

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The Traveller

Discovering new places and new countries with a CarryMe is now possible. Just store it in the sturdy travel case and check it in at the airport, hassle-free. Packing into the travel case takes just three minutes.

For serious bike touring, the unique bike trailer kit lets you attach the travel case to the CarryMe, trolleying it as you start on your bike tour. You won't even need to go back to your last destination to pick up your travel case.

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Classic Series

Available in three vibrant colours: Crimson Red, Electric Blue and Forest Green with a sleek glossy finish.

Earth Series

Simple and earthy tones of Khaki Brown, Slate Grey and Aquamarine Green with a smooth matte finish.

Brilliant Series

Bright and vivid colours of Amber Orange, Lime Green and Sky Blue that pop will make a happy ride.