5 best places to visit with the CarryMe compact folding bicycle

Singapore may be a small country, but there’s more to explore than you would think. Since I often go on photo and video shoots with the CarryMe folding bike, I’ve visited plenty of places that I wouldn’t have had the energy to explore if I were to go on foot.

Cycling lets you view places from a whole new perspective. Often, when I didn’t bring my CarryMe folding bike out with me, my adventures would be cut short because I would get tired halfway through and turn back. With a foldable bicycle, I could easily bring it anywhere I went. I would cycle to parks, and then back to a nearby mall to get my lunch. Unlike a bulky mountain bike, my CarryMe micro foldable bike can be folded up and rolled into shopping malls, it leaves such a small footprint with how compact it is.

Here are 5 of my favourite places to take my CarryMe folding bike: 

Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park is one of four parks linked by the North Eastern Riverine Loop of the Park Connector Network. It’s easily accessible and has a plethora of sights to see, which makes for a great cycling experience. 

I went to Punggol Waterway Point which was right outside Punggol MRT station and started out my afternoon by having lunch at the mall. In case you were wondering, the CarryMe folding bicycle meets the set criteria by Land Transport Authority (LTA) for foldable bicycles brought onto public transport. So yes, the CarryMe folding bike can be brought onto trains and buses, so you don’t have to go through the fuss of planning a full cycling route to the park.

My CarryMe compact bike was folded up and brought into the mall effortlessly. I went up to the highest floor where the food court was located without having any trouble pushing my CarryMe onto the escalator with me!

Since there aren’t many food choices available near the park, grabbing a bite at Waterway Point is your best option. There are a variety of eateries to choose from and the mall is a great starting point for your journey since it’s near the MRT.

From Waterway Point, there’s a path that leads to the park that you can take. I cycled along the path and enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery around me. 

SAFRA Punggol is located along the cycling path, where you can enjoy the many recreational activities, from badminton and squash, to glow-in-the-dark bowling!

Aside from SAFRA Punggol, there are also several places where you can have rest stops. They can be spotted along the cycling path, so you won’t have to worry about being left in the rain in the event of a sudden downpour.

East Coast Park

One of the downsides to this is the park’s accessibility. There are no MRT stations nearby and the easiest way to get there is to take a bus. 

This is where the CarryMe micro bike comes into play! If you’re afraid of getting lost, you can cycle to the park from Kembangan MRT station. It doesn’t take long to get there with the CarryMe and you get to enjoy the view on the way to East Coast Park.

East Coast Park is a popular destination for barbeques and activities such as rollerblading and most importantly, cycling. There’s a path for cyclists so you can cruise around on the CarryMe compact foldable bicycle freely. The park is scenic and quiet on weekdays, perfect for an afternoon ride.

Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park is great for nature lovers because of its rich flora and fauna. Because there are a few flights of stairs you have to climb to get to the park, it may be inconvenient for cyclists with bulky bicycles. But that's no problem if you own a CarryMe folding bike!

The CarryMe foldable bicycle is only 8.4kg and it is compact, making it easy to carry. I easily carried my folded CarryMe up the stairs and got to Fort Canning Park in no time. 

If you’re looking for an insta-worthy location to take your next Instagram photo, fret not. The place is full of beautiful white structures and buildings accompanied by vibrant greenery so snap away!


Explore the sunny island of Sentosa with your CarryMe folding compact bike. 

One thing I enjoyed doing at Sentosa was cruising around on my CarryMe folding bike. You get to see the beautiful sea even without having to set foot on the beach, which is a relief because we didn’t want our bicycles to get stuck in the sand.

There’s a cycling path so you get to explore Sentosa in the most efficient way, and plenty of places you can go to for a rest stop.

There are multiple convenience stores around the island where you can get a quick snack or a chilling ice cream to cool yourself down after cycling in the sweltering hot Singapore weather.

Once you are done for the day, just cycle to the nearest monorail station, fold up the CarryMe micro folding bike, and roll it right in! It is so public transport friendly that it barely takes up any space even on the monorail.

Marina Bay Sands

This is the ultimate tourist destination, and even if you’re not a tourist, it’s still a great place to take in the cityscape. 

The area around Marina Bay Sands if filled with amazing destinations to ride to. One such destination is the Gardens By The Bay. You won’t be able to cycle through the Gardens themselves but the sights as you cycling along the south side are still breath-taking. The view as your cruise along on your CarryMe folding bike is amazing, especially near dusk when the setting sun lights up the city landscape with vibrant colours. It would be a waste to miss out on that sight, so I made sure to snap up some pictures as I rode along on my CarryMe compact folding bike.

If the Gardens aren’t to your taste, don’t worry! There are still a number of attractions around Marina Bay Sands where you can cycle. A personal favorite of mine was the Helix Bridge. Riding along the 280m long bridge and taking in the sights by the water was very enjoyable. I ended up taking my time to cross from one end to the other as I was so mesmerised by the unique design of the Helix bridge as well as the activities that were going on around me!

With the various attractions being spaced out, it can get exhausting to travel from one place to another on foot. The CarryMe foldable bicycle sped things up and I was able to travel with ease from one spot to another, enjoying the various attractions as I did so.

It felt great to be a tourist in my own country for a day, and without the hassle of having to walk around under the blazing hot sun at that. 

The CarryMe foldable bike is the ideal bicycle for venturing around Singapore. The breezy rides beat having to walk long distances, especially in the scorching hot Singapore weather. It is also extremely light at only 8.4kg and portable, which makes bringing it around easier – you can even bring it indoors when it’s folded.