Carry Me Travel Bike: Cycle Faster with These 6 Tips

The thrill of riding the Carry Me travel bike

With its compact 8 inch wheels, descending a hill on the CarryMe compact folding bike is a whole other thrill. The breakneck speed you’re going at makes you feel like you’re leaving the world behind. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, we can all agree that one of the best joys of cycling is freewheeling down a slope with the wind in your face.

Unfortunately, slopes in Singapore – and most major cities in the world – are few and far in between. You can’t count on downward descents to go faster as city living simply doesn’t give us the luxury to do so.

However, there are several tricks that can help boost your cycling speed. If you want to unlock your full cycling potential, read these tips we have for you:

6 Tips to cycle faster on the CarryMe travel bike

  • 1) Ride at a regular cadence
  • travel bike singapore_2

    It’s less tiring to ride at a regular pace compared to pedalling really fast, stopping completely and starting all over again.

    You can easily travel at a relatively fast speed of 19-21 km/hr on the Carry Me travel bike when you ride at a steady 70-90 cadence. 

    For those who are unfamiliar with cycling terms, cadence is measured by how many rounds your legs make in one minute. You can roughly estimate your cadence by counting how many times your right leg comes up in a 30 second ride and doubling that number.

  • 2) Correct your riding posture

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    Your riding posture has a direct impact on how fast you can cycle. A poor body position may lead to cramps and aches when you shouldn’t be experiencing any.

    Conversely, you can naturally ride faster when you tuck in your elbows and lower your body close to the handlebars. Keeping this posture will reduce wind resistance and consequently up your speed. 

  • 3) Ensure your tyres are inflated to the optimal PSI

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    There are multiple factors you need to consider for an ideal tyre pressure: your body weight, tyre width and the weather. Generally speaking, you need more pressure in your bike tyres if you’re:

    1. A lightweight rider,
    2. Have narrow tyres & are
    3. Riding on wet surfaces or rough terrains

    Under-inflated bike tyres are softer and more of its surface area will be in contact with the road or footpath. In other words, you’ll expend more energy to ride the bike than you should be.

    Before kickstarting your ride, make it a habit to check that your tyres are properly inflated. Our Carry Me travel bike has an optimal tyre pressure of 80 PSI.

  • 4) Adjust your seat height

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    For maximum efficiency and to put less strain on your knees, make sure your saddle is adjusted to the right height. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your knees aren’t raised higher than your hips when the pedal is at the highest point on the crank. 

    The Carry Me travel bike has an extendable seat post that makes it suitable for riders of all heights.

  • 5) Conduct regular bike maintenance

  • It is important to send your bike for regular checks or cleaning. A large build-up of dirt and gunk in your bike’s chain and drive train will hinder its performance.

    Here at Pacific CarryMe, we offer you free 2 years warranty on your bicycle’s frame, front fork and stem when you purchase your CarryMe travel bike from us.

    We have trained mechanics who are adept in fixing, cleaning and doing general maintenance on your travel bikes. 

  • 6) Practise, practise, and more practise

  • travel bike singapore_6

    If you plan to explore new countries frequently on your CarryMe travel bike, it is ideal to build your stamina and confidence by sticking to a regular cycling plan. Set aside a dedicated time every week to bring your bike out for a spin.

    Over time, your body will become attuned with the CarryMe travel bike’s mechanisms. You’ll gain an intuitive understanding of the best time to brake, speed up or coast in no time.