Family Picnic Day with the CarryMe Folding Bike (Includes Tips)

December is the perfect opportunity to organise some family bonding activity.

So when the office was declared closed for Christmas break, I jumped at the opportunity: I treated my wife and kids to a picnic!

All my family members are avid cyclists and have a CarryMe compact folding bike of their own. Yet, with both of my kids undergoing major examinations (Jaden with his O Levels and Willow with her PSLE), they haven’t had the time to go for a ride—until now.

We prepared all the things we needed for the picnic. My wife, Jada, was in charge of food, so she packed the sandwiches and cakes into a tupperware container and stowed them in her pannier.

Meanwhile the kids and I packed the picnic blanket and the drinks. Then, we were off to cycle to the location.

After a relaxing 30 minute ride, we reached Marina Barrage and enjoyed our time as a family.

If you plan on making a similar trip on your folding bike with your family, here are some things to take note:

  • 1) Prep your CarryMe Compact Folding Bike

  • If you don’t ride your bike, this is especially important as you don’t know what kind of state your bike is in. Here is a checklist of all the things you need to check your folding bike for.

    • All brakes must be working
    • All tyres must be pumped to their optimal PSI (the CarryMe compact folding bike has an optimal 80 PSI)

    family bike_2

    • Bike chains are smooth and well-lubricated
    • There are no missing screws or gears in your bike
    • Working front (white) and rear (red) lights
    • A working bell

    A good way to find out whether your bike is in good working condition is to test ride it. Send your bike for repair if anything is not working properly. Always ride safe! 

  • 2) Check the Weather Forecast

  • Check the weather forecast of the day you plan on having your ride/picnic. If it’s predicted to rain, postpone the event to another day when it’s bright and sunny so you can maximise fun.

    If you’re intent on not letting light showers dampen your mood, make sure you pack ponchos, umbrellas and dry cloths to wipe down your CarryMe folding bike after the picnic.

    Make sure to store your non-waterproof valuables – like your phone, wallet and notebooks – in ziploc bags to keep them dry.

    3) Get a Pannier

    You can relieve the weight on your back that’s coming from your backpack and redirect it to a pannier where you can store all of your items.

    family bike_3

    A pannier is a bag that can be placed in the front or back of your folding bike rather than carry it as you cycle. It ensures that you stay comfortable during long distance and/or bumpy rides, and would not waste any unnecessary energy—valuable energy that can be used for cycling longer and faster.

    There are many types of panniers out there. When buying one, make sure that it can fit all the items you plan on bringing to the picnic and is small enough to be mounted on your CarryMe micro folding bike. Any other feature is just a bonus. 

    4) Bring lots of Water

    This is a no-brainer. Pack lots of water when out on a picnic, cycling or doing any physical activity. Do not discard used plastic bottles as they can be refilled with water if you come across a cafe or a water cooler.

    5) Dress Appropriately

    family bike_4

    When you’re out cycling on a sunny day, wear light clothing and shorts. If you must wear pants, make sure it’s flexible so as to not hinder you from pedalling.

    More importantly, wear a helmet especially if you’re riding on the road.

    Take note of these tips and you’ll have a safe and enjoyable time with your loved ones!