Flying Overseas with Your CarryMe Compact Folding Bike

You arrive at the airport, clutching your passport in one hand and your travel bike case in another. Walking confidently to the check-in kiosks, you deftly enter your flight details. You secure the baggage tags and hand over the travel bike case to the staff. Itching to grab a bite before your flight, you head into the departure hall and serenely watch the planes take off while munching on a burger and milkshake.

Meanwhile, your travel bike case begins its journey from the check-in station to the departing gate, where it is loaded into the plane, flown in the air and finally reaches its destination at the baggage-claim area. Refreshed from your in-flight nap, you collect it.

travel bike_2

What’s attractive about travelling with your bike

You know the pain of being stuck for hours in a car due to peak hour traffic. Or constantly monitoring the time so you can catch the last train home after a long night of partying. If you are overseas, navigating public transport becomes that much harder: language barriers, unfamiliarity with the local transport network, so on and so forth.

Surely you don’t want to be bogged down by all these little problems while on vacation?

With a travel bike (note: it has to be portable enough for you to bring overseas), you can literally go anywhere you want, any time. There are no time limits to keep. You won’t be at the mercy of heavy traffic.

In fact, with the right-sized travel bike, you can immediately start exploring the new city (or country) when your plane touches the ground without first having to drop off your things at the hotel.

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Can I really bring my bike on board the plane?

Most of us probably have the impression that there’s no way the airline will let us check in our bike with the rest of our baggages.

However, this is a myth. For instance, Singapore Airlines counts sporting equipment (which includes travel bikes) towards the free baggage allowance given to all passengers.

Let’s say you are flying Standard Economy Class. So long as your travel bike and other personal baggage don’t exceed a combined weight of 30kg, you can readily check them in at the airport. On the other hand, the free baggage allowance for Business and First Class passengers are 40kg and 50kg respectively.

If you are unsure of how much baggage allowance you have, refer to your flight ticket as it will be shown there. In the event that you exceed your baggage allowance, you can purchase additional baggage directly from your airline provider.

Advantages of flying with the CarryMe travel bike

travel bike_4

1. Specially customised travel hard case

Say goodbye to the time spent fussing over which luggage case buried deep in your storeroom can fit your travel bike.

Made out of ABS/TPU material, the thoughtfully designed CarryMe travel hard case is highly resistant to abrasions and has high impact strength. Carbon fiber finishing is then added to the exterior of the travel case, giving it a glossy and sophisticated look.

In fact, the travel case has an in-built TSA lock made of 100% hardened zinc alloy (which are extremely difficult to break). Moreover, its 3 dials and 999 digit combinations makes TSA travel locks one of the best anti-theft measures available in the market.

Additionally, the 360 degree swivel wheels makes moving it around an extremely easy task. You can spin it around to your heart’s liking and not worry about snagging wheels.

travel bike_5

2. Fits within check-in baggage dimensions

Singapore Airlines mandates that the combined height, width and length of each piece of your check-in luggage mustn't exceed 158cm (or 62 inches). Luckily, the dimensions of your CarryMe travel hard case falls within this parameter without a problem. 

travel bike_6

3. An extremely lightweight package

Last but not least, the greatest advantage that comes with bringing your CarryMe compact foldable bike overseas would undoubtedly be its lightweight form factor.

By itself, the bike weighs an approximate 8kg. The CarryMe micro foldable bike, travel hard case and the luggage trailer kit weigh a mere 15kg in total. This leaves a considerable amount of weight for your personal belongings.