How to fold your CarryAll tricycle (a three-wheeled compact tricycle for non-cyclists)

Folding and unfolding a CarryAll compact foldable tricycle: A step-by-step guide:

The CarryAll folding tricycle has three wheels and has a large sturdy wheelbase with two rear wheels that are 8-inch in tyre size. When it becomes folded, the rider just simply rolls the folded adult tricycle on the ground, much like a vacuum cleaner or lawn mover!  No need to carry the folded tricycle into the MRT or bus or into food centres and shopping centres. We just fold and roll it everywhere when we cannot cycle it. 

The CarryAll tricycle is designed by George Lin of Pacific Cycles, Taiwan who is a famous bicycle designer and manufacturer known for his performance foldable bikes and recumbent bikes for riders with special needs.

There is almost not one singular vehicle designed for non-cyclists in the world. The CarryAll foldable tricycle was designed in the 1990s and is suited for non-cyclists.

If you cannot cycle, or have been scared of falling off a bike, or have a bad experience falling from a bike while trying to learn to cycle or simply cannot balance on two wheels, this three-wheeled tricycle is for you!

This CarryAll tricycle is made for adults and for active seniors who have stopped cycling for many years and are now ready to pick up cycling again.

Young adults and teenagers with special needs can now take up cycling with their family and friends with the CarryAll foldable tricycle as it will be both safe and sturdy to ride one. It will also never never too fast for parents to catch up because it is a well designed and simple single speed tricycle! 

It can be folded into a compact package within seconds. So exactly how can you fold a CarryAll tricycle? Where do you start?  Folding and unfolding the CarryAll tricycle is as simple as folding and unfolding its sister bicycle, the CarryMe foldable bike! It takes just seconds to fold the adult foldable tricycle into a compact fold and then you can roll into the MRT and take it up onto the bus or even store it in a car boot!  

It’s really quite simple. Here’s a full step-by step guide on how to fold and unfold your brand new CarryAll three-wheeled compact tricycle!  

1. Unfold and lift the handlebars

Before you start, make sure your CarryAll tricycle is standing upright on its rear and trolley wheels. This will give you a stable and sturdy wheelbase for you to start to unfolding your tricycle. 

Lift the lever to release it from the front stem. Turn it in an anti-clockwise direction to loose the catch lever. It will start to feel loose, the stop. Don’t unscrew it all the way out.

Tip: Just remember this little tip: Left - Loosen, Right -Tighten. Turning it to the left loosens the lever while turning it to the right tightens the levers. 

Lift the stem up by the handle bars. Make sure the handles form a straight line.


When this done, just press the lever firmly back down to tighten and lock the front stem in place.

2. Release the seat tube

Lift the lever on the seat stem and loosen enough to lift the saddle up. 

Tighten the lever and lower it to the catch at the bottom.

Slide the catch in to lock the seat in place.

3. Slide open the stem and main body

There is a catch that locks the seat stem to the frame. Press in the black button and lift it slightly so it is unlocked.


Hold onto the main stem and lift the seat stem up towards you. The tricycle becomes unfolded. 

After unfolding, tighten the wheel clamp (above the front wheel). This is an important step in the unfolding mechanism as it will firmly hold the front stem in place as you pedal off into the sunset!  

4. Unfold the bike pedals

The finishing step is to unfold your pedals. Simply lift them up and pop them in place.

It’s that simple! Your foldable CarryAll tricycle is now ready to accompany you on your bike rides even if you cannot cycle, cannot balance on two wheels, scared of falling off a bike!  

Folding it back in is just as simple, just do the steps again but in reverse. There are some things to take note. 


    To fold the pedals on the CarryAll tricycle, push the two pedals in from the side, & push down to fold them. By folding these foldable pedals, you will find it easy to roll the folded tricycle without being scratched by protruding pedals. Passers-by around you and your folded compact CarryAll micro tricycle in the MRT, bus and shopping mall will also be able to stand near you and your tricycle without being scratched by your pedals.

    Loosen the wheel clamp above the front wheel, and position the seat stem parallel to the floor so that the rear wheels are on the floor, then lower the front stem. If the front stem has locked into the catch properly, you should hear a ‘click’ sound.

    Press the latch behind the seat stem to unlock it from the frame, and lift it up.

    Loosen the seat lever and lower the saddle. Turn it to the right, and hook the seat to the main frame. Tighten and push in the lever.

    Unlock the lever on the handle, before lowering it all the way in. Tighten the clamp, which is now below the handles on the front.

    Now your CarryAll is compact again, easy for you to roll it into public transport or to keep in storage. If you have not gotten your own CarryAll tricycle and are thinking of getting it, consider buying from us at Pacific CarryMe. We offer both the CarryMe foldable bicycle as well as the CarryAll foldable tricycle, giving options to all kinds of riders.

    If you do not know how to cycle, or you have tried to learn how to cycle in the past and have failed to master cycling, or you have had a bad experience from cycling a rickety or shaky bike in your childhood, your option to cycle with your family and friends is this CarryAll adult tricycle that is both compact and small even with its three sturdy three wheels. The best part has to be the CarryAll folding tricycle lets you fold and roll, no need to carry and lug it around! Imagine now being able to cycle without learning how to cycle and being able to cycle outdoors without any help or guidance by others and getting into the MRT station and buses with your folded tricycle!