Is a CarryMe foldable bike better than a regular bicycle?

An ordinary bike or a CarryMe foldable bicycle, which of these is better to navigate around an urban city like Singapore?

Bicycles have been around since the early 1800s. Since then, the types of bicycles available have only been growing.

There’s a wide range of bicycles on the market right now; mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill bikes, and even E-bikes are a few different types of bikes which are popular amongst the cycling community. This brings us to the CarryMe folding bike.

The CarryMe compact folding bicycle is without a doubt the best solution to getting around Singapore without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic, looking for parking spots and paying for petrol! Of course, you get a great workout at the same time and can do your part to conserve the environment.

The CarryMe micro folding bike is designed to become a part of your life and go everywhere with you. It will get you to your destination as quickly, or as leisurely as you want and is also a great way of exercising. When you are not riding, it folds up into a neat package easily and quickly. Even the pedals are collapsible, allowing the folded bike to take up very little space, leaving a small footprint whether being rolled into a bus or MRT or stored in the home or office.


The CarryMe folding bike is a humble little single-speed bicycle, available in nine vibrant colours. But don’t let its slim and slender look fool you, this compact bike can take up to a 100kg weight load. With its 8-inch wheels and lightweight components, the CarryMe micro folding bike only weighs 8.4kg, making it the world’s lightest foldable bicycle!

The CarryMe compact folding bike is so lightweight and compact that bringing it overseas will never be a problem. With the CarryMe Travel Hard Case, you never need to worry about commuting out of town. When traveling by air, one can avoid the additional charges and hassle associated with transporting a full-sized bicycle. With the sheer lightness and straight-forward mechanisms of the bike, people from all age groups can fold and unfold the bike anytime, anywhere with ease.

Unlike the CarryMe folding bike, a standard bicycle is only targeted for a specific age group. The large body frame, attached with a complex of components like the derailleurs, gear-shifters and a much larger crank, means that it weighs so much more as compared to the CarryMe folding bicycle.

Carrying it into your house, or up a flight of stairs may prove to be a very tall order for let’s say the elderly or young children. But with the sheer lightness and straight-forward mechanisms of the CarryMe compact folding bike, people from all age groups can fold and carry the bike anytime, anywhere with ease.

Commuting around town

With a massive network of cycling routes and public transportation, the CarryMe compact folding bicycle will be an ideal bicycle for your daily commute. Measuring at 32cm by 24cm by 93cm, you are allowed to bring it into the buses and MRT, being under the 120cm by 70cm by 93cm size limit. How convenient is that?!

Simply fold your CarryMe folding bike down before entering the bus or the MRT station, and you’re all set to go! As easy as that.

Unlike the CarryMe foldable bike, it is much harder to commute around town with a standard bicycle. One of the main issues is the size. Normal bicycles aren’t allowed on public transports, meaning that the streets and pathways are their only ways to their destination.


Transporting the CarryMe micro bike around wouldn’t be a problem if you have a car for example. Fold up the CarryMe compact folding bike and it will easily fit into the boot of your car. This would be really useful if you are in an emergency. Like if your car breaks down, or if the car park is a distance away from your office, just simply take the CarryMe out of your car, unfold it and off you go!

In contrast, bringing a standard bicycle around in your car may prove to be inconvenient. Firstly, a standard bike can barely fit into a 4-door saloon car. Hence, you might need to purchase an external bicycle rack to mount the bike on top or at the back of your car. And with the weight and bulkiness of a standard bike, it is unlikely you’re willing to bring your bike whenever you’re driving your car.


A standard mountain bike for example, tends to have a bigger crank as compared to the CarryMe folding bike. Having multiple gears and bigger wheels meant that it can travel at much faster speeds as compared to a CarryMe foldable bicycle. And a mountain bike is capable of travelling on loose surfaces like dirt and gravel, similar to how BMX bicycles are capable of doing dynamic and mid-air stunts and how cargo bikes are able to carry and transport heavy objects. But all of these features leads to them being much more heavier as compared to a CarryMe. Hence, carrying, pushing and storing it may take quite an effort.

Yes, the speed deficit of the CarryMe and the fact that you’re only able to travel on flat surfaces (including slight inclines) with it might lead you to chose an ordinary bicycle instead. However, let’s not forget that we are in a very urban and modernized city, where there is a public transportation network and many streets with traffic and pathways littered with people rushing to and from work. It’ll be very likely that you will either be stuck in heavy traffic or being forced to disembark your bike and push it due to the crowd. 

But with the CarryMe, you will basically be immune to the problems of traffic and congestion in the city. When there’s a traffic jam, you’re always open to use the public transportations with your CarryMe to beat the traffic, to reach your destination on time. Or, when there’s a crowd in the streets and walkways, the CarryMe is slim and compact enough to slalom your way through to wherever you want to go.

In a nutshell, a standard bike might seem like the faster option on paper if you want to get a bike. It has a higher top speed and better acceleration with the gears. But in reality, in a metropolis city like Singapore, the CarryMe folding bicycle is hands down the most efficient and sustainable mode of navigating and getting around the city.