My Car-Free Weekend Experience

Car-Free Weekend is an event that is organized by JTC Corporation and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to promote a car-lite lifestyle and introduce other means of travel. With Singapore’s vision to go car-lite, this event encourages Singaporeans to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.

The most recent Car-Free Weekend was held over two days, on the 30th and 31st of August, at one-north. This was the second time the event had been held this year. Spread across Fusionopolis One, Fusionopolis Two, and the JTC Launchpad, the event packed the closed streets with activities like drone-shooting, outdoor movie screenings, rock climbing, and virtual reality games. It also featured Singapore’s first eco-friendly food truck street. 

In conjunction with Car-Free Weekend, we held our own Mighty Velo Demo Day, inviting customers and the general public to try out our e-scooters and bikes. With the Retail team holding the fort at our store at Lavender Street, a few of us from Design & Marketing were sent down to handle our booth.

We brought down the new Segway-Ninebot MAX, the Segway ES2 e-scooter, the CarryMe folding bicycle and CarryAll foldable bicycle. But the highlight of the day was definitely the Segway miniLITE hoverboard, as many people came up to ask to try it! It was a great experience for our Design team to interact with our customers directly and assist them in trying our products. 

The first day of Car-Free Day was held at Fusionopolis Two from 11am-7pm, on Friday 30th August. We were situated smack in the centre of the buildings, just off the busy central area with the food trucks. The lunch time crowd was huge! Many people walked through the area to get to Fusionopolis One for lunch, and many stopped by to ask us about our cools rides and to try them out for themselves. There were even a fair number of our loyal customers who came by early to show their support and check out the other rides too.

People were very curious about the new Segway-Ninebot MAX and the Segway ES2 e-scooters. Some of them even mentioned the possibility of scooting from one-north station to their offices in the Ayer Rajah area! Both of our e-scooters got a lot of love and drive time from the customers that day and a few were even sold on the idea of getting one of the two models for themselves after test riding them.


Our other products were a big hit as well. Like the CarryAll Compact Foldable Tricycle. We had a good number of people testing out the CarryAll and they were very impressed by it. Most of them were looking to get it for someone they knew who wasn’t a cyclist or was not able to balance on a regular bicycle. They were amazed by how compact it could get when folded and how sturdy it was when they rode it around our test area. 


 The second day of the event was held at Launchpad @ one-north, just across the street from Fusionopolis Two. We were there from 4pm to 7pm only, yet we still had a lot of visitors come by our booth.

The stars of the show that day were the CarryAll Foldable Tricycle and CarryMe Foldable Micro Bicycle. Our visitors loved the compact yet stylish looks of the CarryMe compact bike. They were surprised that it only weighed in at 8.4kg and yet could still carry up to 100kg load on it’s frame!


Overall, the Car-Free event was a useful platform to encourage the budding car-lite culture in Singapore. We at Mighty Velo would like to thank all those who came down to our booth during the Car-Free Weekend! We’ll be back for another Demo Day, this time at the LTA PARKing Day on 3 October! Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest updates:

See you soon!