Night Rides on the Carry Me Travel Bike

Wondering how to ride the Carry Me travel bike at night? Read on.

For those who are unfamiliar with the travel bike brand, CarryMe is a bicycle brand developed by parent company Pacific Cycles. Pacific Cycles is a Taiwanese-based bicycle manufacturer that carries brands like Birdy, IF and Reach.

Out of all these brands, CarryMe stands out with its lightweight and compact fold.

It may be come as a surprise to some due to its size, but there are several hard-to-beat advantages that the Carry Me travel bike has when it comes to cycling after hours. In today’s guide, you’re going to learn how to bring out the best in this small yet sturdy bicycle.

Travel Bike Night Riding Tips:

1) Set Up Your Travel Bike in the Daytime

travel bike singapore_2

Prepare all you can before the sun is down and just leave the night for riding. You don’t want to fumble around in the dark after realising your bike is not ready to hit the road. 

Our Carry Me travel bike can be unfolded in a mere matter of seconds. 

2) Ride in A Group

travel bike singapore_3

If you are a rookie rider, doing your first ever night ride alone on the road probably isn’t the best idea. It is safer to have a friend or two to look out for your safety (e.g. for incoming cars while riding on the road).

Moreover, you can use this time to hang out and catch up with your best buddies - all while enjoying the night breeze and the tranquility of the night. 

3) Invest in Night Cycling Lights

travel bike singapore_4

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s regulations, all cyclists have to switch on lights on their bikes when riding in the dark.  

You’ll need to mount at least two light sources on your travel bike: one front white light and one rear red light. This is how you can mount the lights onto the Carry Me travel bike:

4) Be Vigilant

In the dark, your vision is reduced to whatever’s lit up by your bike lights and the road lights. As such, your reaction time will be slower. Keep your eyes peeled for obstruction, road bumps, potholes, cars (if you’re riding on the road). 

5) Post Night Ride Supper: Compact Folding Great for Pushing Around

travel bike singapore_5

One of the greatest strengths of the Carry Me travel bike is how compact it is when fully folded. Standing vertically, the bike only takes up a mere floor space of 30 cm by 20 cm. Moreover, with the Carry Me’s two roller wheels on the main frame, you can easily roll the bike into hawker centres, shophouses and shopping malls. Leave it beside you as you chow on your post-ride supper.

No more having to constantly look out for people who are out to steal your non-foldable bike!

  • 6) Home Sweet Home: Board Public Transport with the Carry Me Travel Bike

  • travel bike singapore_6You’ve just completed a 30 km bike trail, had your supper, bid goodbye to your friends. It's now the wee hours of the night. You’re far away from home but you’re too tired to cycle.

    With the Carry Me travel bike, no fear!

    Its compact size mean it can be brought into MRTs, buses, and can even be placed in car boots if you’re taking a taxi home.