Planning your Work Commute

Morning traffic can be very frustrating for most people, especially when you have to wake up earlier to commute to work.

Alternatively, you could take public transport and squeeze in a packed train with others.

With a handy folding bike, you will no longer have to deal with these problems.

Here are six reasons why the CarryMe compact folding bike or CarryAll three wheeled tricycle is the perfect travel solution for your every day commute. 

Light and Compact

The CarryM micro folding bike is no ordinary bicycle; it is a foldable travel bike. Not only that, it is also extremely easy and quick to fold and unfold the bike. It takes about 15 seconds to fold or unfold the CarryMe compact folding bike. When your bike is not in use, you can simply fold it and roll or carry it to your next destination.

Many colours to choose

CarryMe compact folding bike comes in a variety of matte and glossy finishes. This travel bike by Pacific Cycles comes in nine custom-made colours, grouped into three colour series: Classic, Brilliant and Earth.

The Classic series consists of Crimson Red, Forest Green and Electric Blue.

The Brilliant series is made up of Amber Orange, Sky Blue and Lime Green.

Lastly, the Earth series consists of Slate Grey, Khaki Brown and Aquamarine Green.

Pick a colour that you like the most and stand out from the crowd with your CarryMe micro folding bike!

Ride public transport with your folding bike and PMD

Want to ride the train or bus with your bike and PMD? You can!

The permitted allowed folded size for bicycles to be brought into trains and buses is 120cm by 70cm by 40cm.

The folded CarryMe compact bike, when laid down, is 93cm in length, 25cm wide and 32cm in height. It weighs 8.4kg, making it the world’s lightest travel bike. It also meets LTA’s requirements to bring into the MRT and onto buses so you’re free to bring your CarryMe folding bicycle onto public transport at all hours, every day.

Carry it up staircases or bring it on the escalator. You can easily roll it into the train or board the bus. It leaves a very small footprint cause of its compact size so if you’re up for commuting by public transport, bring your CarryMe foldable bike along and commute, fuss-free!

If you’re taking the train, it is advised that you take the first or last car so that you may have more space for your CarryMe compact folding bike  and practice consideration toward other passengers too. 

Go out for a day of fun with your CarryMe micro folding bike

Bring your CarryMe micro folding bike to places! And I’m not just talking about commuting to work. It’s also perfect for your leisure activities. Cycle to town and explore the gorgeous sights of the little red dot. You can see our garden city from a whole new perspective and gain fresh new experiences 

If you think cycling for a whole day may be too taxing, you can pack your travel bike into your car boot and drive somewhere where you cycle and explore. A regular car boot can fit three to four CarryMe folding bikes – perfect for a day out with your friends. 

Travel overseas with your CarryMe

With the ease of folding and rolling the bike, the CarryMe compact folding bike becomes the obvious choice for overseas travel. It is light and easy to bring around, making it ideal for exploring the city without having to go through the hassle of hailing a cab or figuring out local public transport routes.

You can start city hopping as soon as you touch down. Instead of having to worry about your bulky luggage, opt for the CarryMe travel hard case. It is sturdy and spacious, and it is customised to store the CarryMe for your travels.

It takes just two minutes to set up and attach the bike trailer kit to the CarryMe micro folding bike, and you are ready to cycle with your travel case in tow to your next destination.

Non-cyclists – read this!

If you cannot ride a bike, then you must try the CarryAll three-wheeled tricycle. It is the world’s first foldable three-wheeled tricycle. The CarryAll compact folding tricycle is designed for those who cannot cycle and do not know how to balance. It is also for active seniors who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and children with special needs who can now cycle in the park with their parents. 

The tricycle comes in two colours, Slate Grey and Khaki Brown. It is a stable tricycle due to its large base and no balancing is needed. Simply hop on and cycle away! It’s that easy.

The CarryMe compact folding bicycle and CarryAll three-wheeled tricycle are perfect for your next daily commute and overseas bike touring.