Proper etiquettes with your CarryMe

It has been proven many times that the CarryMe foldable bicycle is the ideal bicycle for your daily commute in an urban city like Singapore. It only weighs 8.4kg, making it the world’s lightest foldable bicycle in the market at the moment. Its simple 15-second folding system and compact design mean that you’re able to bring it onto public transport like the bus and the MRT.


The CarryMe folding bike is super convenient to use in your daily life, but it would help to bear in mind some best practices when using your CarryMe, to ensure safe and fun riding for us, and also safety for the others around us.

Firstly, to ensure the safety of yourself and others when using the CarryMe, always be fully aware of your surroundings. Avoid doing things that might distract you, like using your mobile device or listening to your MP3 player while cycling as it shifts your focus away from your surroundings and you may collide into someone or something.

When you are using the bike on the road, it is a must for you to wear a helmet while doing so. It is in the rules and conduct list imposed by the Land Transport Authority, that all cyclists on the road must wear a safety helmet. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to terrible consequences for you and your safety.

To affirm the safety of pedestrians and other users on the public paths around the island, the following rules have to be observed when riding on footpaths or public paths:

  1. Stop and look out for oncoming traffic before crossing a road. There may be zebra crossings and traffic lights, but some drivers in their cars or motorcycles may be unaware of them. Hence, it is a good practice for us to check the road first to ensure it is clear or the cars have stopped for you before crossing.
  2. Dismount and push your bike when you see a ‘no riding’ sign. The main reason why these signs have been planted in certain places may be because of a narrow walkway or blind corners. Bumping into someone and causing an accident becomes a possibility if you are on a bike. A fine and a jail term is applicable if you are caught riding in a ‘no riding’ zone.
  3. Stop, offer help, exchange particulars and make a police report if necessary when you are involved in an accident. Failure to do so when involved in an accident may also result in a jail term and/or a fine.

Besides these three, there are still many good practices you can adopt to ensure safe riding. Doing something as simple as slowing down while going around others, keeping both of your hands on the handlebar at all times while cycling, keeping a safe distance from yourself and other cyclists, walking your bike when it is crowded and gently alerting others while overtaking are a few of the many steps you can take to avoid an accident from occurring.


Since the CarryMe can be brought into public transport, try your best to keep the CarryMe near you at all times, with either your hands or legs securing it, preventing it from toppling over. This will help to prevent any disruptions to the other commuters when you are on public transport. Also, try not to lie the CarryMe on the ground as it would occupy much more space. You wouldn’t want to anger grumpy commuters during rush hour.


Likewise when you are pulling your CarryMe along to places like a coffee shop or a supermarket - refrain from placing your CarryMe in an awkward position or pulling/pushing it around recklessly. It may cause an accident or some form of injury if you either leave your CarryMe unattended or pushing/pulling it around recklessly.

Try your best to find a spacious place to unfold or fold your CarryMe to prevent disruptions to other people. You wouldn’t want to fold or unfold it in the middle of a narrow walkway or right in front of an escalator or elevator.


The CarryMe may be a much more compact bicycle amongst the other options out there for commuting around Singapore, but mind you that the rules, regulations and practices still remain. Just stick with the regulations, practice good safety habits and we can assure you, you’ll get around the country with the CarryMe easily. 

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