Riding on the LTA Land Transport Master Plan 2040 with folding bicycles and UL2272 scooters

Over the past few years, transportation in Singapore has changed a lot. There are more options for us to get around now. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been making plans to improve the land transport system to better meet our future travel needs. The Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040, was introduced recently to make the land transport system more convenient and well-connected, as well as to include more travel options.

Many Singaporeans enjoy journeys that are convenient, connected and fast. People want to be able to cover short distances easily by walking, cycling or using personal mobility devices.

For cycling and PMDs, the CarryMe micro folding bike and the Segway ES2 electric scooter are ideal options for the first and last mile commutes. They are convenient and safe for riding short distances to make daily commute smoother. The Segway-Ninebot ES2 scooter is LTA-approved and UL2272-certified, and can be used on public paths even after Year 2020.

For longer journeys, we can count on mass public transport like buses and trains, or shared transport like taxis, private hire cars, and car-sharing.

It will become faster for Singaporeans to get to towns in 20 minutes and the city in 45 minutes. Eating out or going shopping will take no more than 20 minutes to get from your home to the nearest neighbourhood centre, where shops, eating places, clinics and more can be found.

Riding the CarryMe foldable bicycle will make this short-distance journey a breeze, and you can even roll it into the mall with you. Weighs only 8.4kg, it has a compact folded size of 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L), this CarryMe folding bike can go anywhere you bring it to.

Travelling to work during peak hours would be faster with transport improvements and new regional centres will bring jobs closer to us. Using the CarryMe foldable bike or ES2 e-scooter for your first and last mile commute can further shorten your travelling distance to work, making each commute last no more than 45 minutes.   

LTA will also be building roughly 700km of cycling paths by 2030, and continue to expand the cycling path network well beyond 1,000km by 2040. Transit Priority Corridors, which are dedicated to bus lanes and cycling paths, will also be built to enable faster travel. With such facilities to improve our accessibility, it provides even more opportunities to ride the CarryMe compact folding bicycle and Segway-Ninebot ES2 scooter smoothly around Singapore.

As cyclists and PMD users, it is important for us to exercise road safety precautions. The LTA rules for cycling and riding electric scooters on public paths include: you cannot ride more than 10km/h on footpaths and your maximum speed on e-scooters is 25km/h. You must always be wearing a helmet when cycling or riding your scooter. Slowing down to give way at road crossings should always be practised to maintain a safer path and road sharing.

Here is a list of offences and fines for cyclists using non-motorised (non-electric) bicycles:

The offences and fines for electric scooter and PMD users:

LTA will be implementing more initiatives like priority MRT queues and MRT cabins. There will also be more wheelchair-accessible facilities in the public transport network to help those with trouble using steps. The elderly will find it easier to move around, with more resting points and lifts at overhead bridges. For commuters with special needs, new technologies like audio alerts will help them board and alight from buses more easily.

Commuting can also be made easier for the elderly with the CarryAll three-wheeled folding tricycle. Specially designed for active seniors and young adults with special needs, the CarryAll is also the perfect ride for non-cyclists and for those who cannot balance. When folded, the CarryAll three-wheeled folding tricycle can even turn into a helpful walking support for the elderly.

Waking up every morning to a clean and safe environment where everyone can enjoy healthy lives is important to most Singaporeans. With wider footpaths and dedicated cycling paths, cycling and riding electric scooters will be made safer. An additional 150km of covered linkways will keep us cool and dry, to and from our doorsteps, making it more convenient and comfortable to cycle around with bikes like the CarryMe compact folding bike, CarryAll compact folding tricycle and UL2272 scooters such as the Segway ES2 scooter.  

To make your daily commute faster and easier, the CarryMe foldable bike, CarryAll folding tricycle and the electric Segway ES2 scooter are great options to get to your destination quicker, in addition to a faster transport system.