The CarryMe’s accessories

The CarryMe is a really compact and convenient foldable bicycle to use in a place like Singapore. It is the ideal bicycle for you to use for your daily commute to work, or maybe even for leisure rides around your neighbourhood.

Almost anyone can easily learn how to fold and unfold the CarryMe. And with how light it is, only weighing in at 8.4kg, you can easily carry it onto public transportation, into your car and into your home.

To top that all, the CarryMe foldable bicycle comes with a range of accessories to make your traveling much more convenient.

Foldable rear carrier

Do you always use your CarryMe when going to the supermarket or when going on a shopping trip? Sometimes you may end up buying too many things. Carrying too many shopping bags might be too much of a burden, especially if you have to sling them all over you while you cycle home. Or the backpack you bring along could be too small to fit all the products you bought. The CarryMe foldable rear carrier may be an ideal attachment for you if you are a shopper.

This foldable rear carrier serves as a platform for you to place your groceries or shopping bags. Plus you won’t need to remove it when you want to fold the CarryMe back up as the carrier can be folded along with the bicycle .

Just sling the handle of the carrier bag around the seat post of the bicycle, and rest it on the rear carrier, and you are good to go!

Do note that it is dangerous and highly discouraged for you to sling your bag, shopping bags or groceries on the handlebar of the CarryMe when you are cycling. Slinging them on the handlebar may cause an uneven weight distribution. Your bicycle may jerk to one side ever so suddenly, towards the heavier side of the handlebar, causing you to lose control of your bicycle.

Dust cover

If you want to keep your CarryMe from collecting dust as maybe you’re allergic to it, then you might want to get the Dust Cover, designed specifically for the CarryMe foldable bicycle.

Upon storage, just fold your CarryMe up and simply seal it up with the dust cover. The dust cover prevents any dust from entering the components. This will make it a lot easier for you to keep your CarryMe dust-free and clean.

Carrying Bag

Next up is the Carrying Bag for the CarryMe. It would suit you if you’re the kind who prefers carrying the CarryMe around, instead of rolling it when it is folded.

Conveniently carry your bike around to your desired location instead of rolling it and risking getting it durty. Once you reach your destination you can take your CarryMe out of the bag and begin your cycling trip. 

With the CarryMe weighing in at only 8.4kg, it is almost like carrying a normal school back full of books around. It can also be used as a ‘dust cover’. You can just store your CarryMe in the bag when you’re putting it away at home or at your workplace. 

The CarryMe Carrying bag is compressible. Meaning, if you want to keep the Carrying Bag into your backpack or somewhere at home, folding it up and keeping it should not be much of a hassle for you. 

Travel hard case

Let’s say you are embarking on a journey out of town and you want to bring your CarryMe with you on your journey. The hard case would be the perfect accessory for you to do just that. 

The hard case is shaped perfectly to fit your CarryMe inside. It is ideal if you plan to bring your CarryMe overseas as you don’t have to worry about your bike being damaged when it’s being loaded onto the plane as it will be well protected in the case. 

The travel case can also be used as a normal suitcase to put basically anything that could fit within the dimensions of the case. Which brings me to the last CarryMe accessory. 

Bike trailer kit

The trailer kit is an attachment for the travel hard case. So, if you want to bring your CarryMe travel hard case along when you’re embarking on your cycling journey, this trailer kit is welcome addition which will let you do just that.

The trailer kit comes with a pair of wheels, which are to be attached to the base of the travel case, and a stem, to link the top of the travel case to the seat post of the CarryMe bicycle. With all of that attached, you can cycle through normally, as the bike pulls the CarryMe along with it, just like a semi-trailer truck with a trailer at the back of it. You can use the case to store maybe your groceries, if you are going to the market for say or your shopping bags if you are going on a shopping spree.

All in all, life with the CarryMe just gets much more convenient with these attachments, making the already convenient and likeable CarryMe able to go beyond its restrictions and be capable of doing things not all bikes can do, like pulling a trailer along with it and placing it into a compact bag to be carried around like a duffel bag.