This Bicycle is almost Theft-Proof!

With the healthy lifestyle craze and pushes by the government to educate the populace on healthier living, plus many environmentally-friendly initiatives rolled out over the years, many Singaporeans are looking to lose weight and keep fit while also trying to do their part for mother nature by reducing their carbon footprint. One trendy new way of doing so is to ditch private cars and to hop onto bicycles. 

With the decline of bike-sharing companies in Singapore (e.g., Ofo, Mobike, SG Bike) , many Singaporeans are looking towards getting their own bicycle. Perhaps you are considering to do so as well. After all, it requires no petrol, has no battery to be charged, and will give you a good workout as you make your way to work, to meet your friends or when you’re just out on a leisure ride by yourself.

One of the concerns that potential bike buyers have when it comes to buying their new ride is ‘How can I prevent my bicycle from getting stolen?’ It’s a well-placed concern. Just last September, a string of bicycle, e-scooter and e-bike thefts occurred at Chai Chee Avenue, Bedok South and Tampines. Police were eventually able to catch the culprit along Chai Chee Avenue earlier this year, but the fact that one man had been able to steal so many bikes and e-scooters is astonishing. 

And it’s not the only incident coming from last year. In October, a man was arrested for his involvement in stealing bicycles from various condominiums around the island. Now this would probably get you thinking that owning a bike is a dangerous and risky investment, what with how easily they can be stolen. That may be true with traditional bicycles that require a steel chain, heavy padlock and a proper bike rack or sturdy pole to be locked up to. But with the CarryMe folding bicycle, those worries become a thing of the past. Here are some reasons as to why the Pacific CarryMe foldable micro bicycle is near theft-proof and perfect for your everyday use.

It’s a foldable bicycle.

You probably figured it out by now: the CarryMe is a foldable bicycle. What does this have to do with making it theft-proof, you may ask? Simple! With how easy it is to fold up and carry, you’ll never have to worry about it being out of sight. 

Want to bring it to work but are scared of leaving it unattended at the rusty, crooked bike rack outside your office? Just fold it up and bring it with you to your desk. At 32cm (H) by 25cm (W) by 93cm (L), the CarryMe compact folding bike doesn’t require much storage space in its folded form. Just rest it under or beside your desk and have a peace of mind as you go about your work day.

It's featherweight

How is this a good thing? Well, it’s because you won’t have any problems bringing your new CarryMe folding bicycle into your home to store in a safe hiding spot. Big bikes look cool to ride but honestly speaking, they’re a pain to keep safely in a Singaporean home. Most of us live in HDBs and small apartments, and our parking spot for our bicycle is usually along the corridors of our homes. We don’t really want to let them pass through our doors as we already have different pieces of furniture fighting for space inside our houses.  

Even if you do have the space, it’s not a guarantee that your bike will be safe. As mentioned above, bike thieves are getting bolder. Breaking into homes to steal a bike may not be too much of an inconvenience for these rascals. With the CarryMe micro folding bike, however, you won’t have to make the hard decision of giving up a safe and hard to reach space to your bicycle. Along with being a compact size when folded, it’s also very light compared to other foldable bicycles. Coming in at only 8.4 Kilograms, you will have no problem in storing your CarryMe folding bikein those high spots where it’s both safe and harder for potential bike burglars to find!

It can be brought almost everywhere, even on public transport

That’s right ladies and gents. Another perk of the CarryMe being a foldable bicycle is that it can be brought with you into almost any establishment and onto any form of public transport. You can easily fold and roll into public spaces and public transport. Not that you’ll be riding on buses a lot once you buy this compact travel bicycle, since you’ll probably be having too much fun riding from one spot to the other instead. But for those days where you will need to travel on the MRT or bus, just fold up your CarryMe micro bike and take it along with you. No need to risk it by leaving it at the bike rack locations outside the stations! No thief will ever get the chance to snag your new best travel friend!

The CarryMe folding bike is the ideal bike for the new healthy lifestyle fanatic, the urban adventurer, the office worker, even the eco warrior. With its sleek design, compact form and convenience to use, this is the foldable bike for everyone. So, don’t let those sad bike thieves deter you from getting a CarryMe. After all, you know now that they can never get their hands on it.