Unfolding & Folding Your CarryMe Compact Folding Bike [FULL GUIDE]

You have bought your first CarryMe compact folding bike and you’re itching to use it. Our staff have put together a fully assembled bike for you and you’re wheeling it out of the store to head back home. Or perhaps your loved one got you the commuter bike as a long-anticipated birthday gift. 

However, there’s a million-dollar question on your mind:

How do I unfold and fold my CarryMe bike? Where do I even begin?

If you are new to folding bikes in general, don’t let the various contraptions intimidate you. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to correctly unfold and fold your CarryMe micro bike. Truly, everyone - no matter young or old - can learn to master it in a couple of minutes.

Unfold your commuter bike in just 5 steps

1) Unfold the handlebars

Before you start, ensure your commuter bike is standing vertically on its rear and trolley wheels. This will give you a stable base to smoothly unfold the CarryMe folding bike without worrying about it toppling over.

Pull the front lever up to release the tension on the front bike stem. Turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. You should feel the lever loosening up.

commuter bike singapore_2

A rule of thumb: you can tighten all levers or screws on the CarryMe compact folding bike by turning them in a clockwise (right) direction. Loosen them by turning in an anti-clockwise (left) manner.

Now, fully extend the front bike stem by pulling the handlebars upwards.

commuter bike singapore_3

At the same time, push the handlebars away from the middle of the bike. Check that the handlebars fully extend outwards to form a straight line.

commuter bike singapore_4

Close the lever and turn right to tighten it.

commuter bike singapore_5

commuter bike singapore_6

  • 2) Release the seat tube

  • Locate the seat clamp at the side of your commuter bike’s seat tube. Release the seat clamp and pull the seat post upwards to partially detach the saddle.

    commuter bike singapore_7

    commuter bike singapore_8

    With one hand on the handlebars, use your other hand to swing the seat tube backwards by the saddle until you hear a ‘click’. This indicates that your seat post is secured to the bike frame.

    commuter bike singapore_9

    commuter bike singapore_10

    commuter bike singapore_11

    Turn and align your saddle with the main bike frame. When you’re done, lock the seat clamp to secure the position of the saddle.

    3) Slide the front head tube open

    Find and open the spring latch behind the front wheel.

    commuter bike singapore_12

    commuter bike singapore_13

    Release the front head tube from the latch and slide it towards the bottom of the head tube in one swift motion.

    commuter bike singapore_14

    commuter bike singapore_15

    When the bike is fully unfolded, use your fingers to tighten the head tube clamp (which is located near the side of the front wheel).

    commuter bike singapore_16

    commuter bike singapore_17

    This is an important step as it prevents the main bike frame from jerking upwards when you are riding it.

    4) Unfold the bike pedals

    Grab the folded pedal with one hand and pull it upwards until it snaps open. Repeat for the other pedal. Be careful to not snag your fingers in the gaps as you’re doing it.

    commuter bike singapore_18

    5) Adjust your handlebars and seats to your preference


    Check that your handlebars are properly aligned to the front wheel. As a guide, your front wheel should be parallel to your main compact bike frame. On the other hand, the handlebars should be perpendicular to the frame.


    commuter bike singapore_19

    Release the seat clamp and align your seat so the narrow end is directly front-facing. To maximise your riding comfort, remember to also adjust the seat height to your personal preference.

    NOTE: Do not raise the seat higher than the minimum insertion mark engraved at the side of the seat post.

    How to fold your commuter bike (Step-by-step)
    • Loosen the head tube clamp by turning it anti-clockwise.

    commuter bike singapore_20

    • With one hand on the seat post and the other on the handlebars, push them away from one another.

    commuter bike singapore_21

    • Position the bike so that the rear and trolley wheels are standing upright on the ground.

    commuter bike singapore_22

    • Ensure that the head tube firmly attaches into the frame with a ‘click’.

    commuter bike singapore_23

    commuter bike singapore_24

    • Press on the latch located behind the seat post to release the it from the main bike frame.

    commuter bike singapore_25

    commuter bike singapore_26

    • Pull the seat post towards the handlebar. Release the seat clamp and turn the saddle to face sideways before lowering it down.

    commuter bike singapore_27

    commuter bike singapore_28

    • Ensure the latch below the saddle is secured well to the folded bike frame.

    commuter bike singapore_29

    • Pull up the front lever and turn it anti-clockwise to release the tension. Lower the bike stem while folding the handlebars inwards. Lock the lever.

    commuter bike singapore_30

    • Fold the pedals.

     commuter bike singapore_31

    commuter bike singapore_32

    Congratulations! You now have a folded CarryMe compact folding bike to accompany you wherever you go.