What's the CarryAll three-wheeled compact tricycle good for?

Growing up, I never really had the chance to learn how to ride a bike. I was always envious of my friends who could cycle when all I could do was walk by their side or watch them from afar.

My friends and family have always told me about their cycling adventures and how fun it is to just ride along the beach or river and enjoy the cooling breeze. Learning how to cycle has been on my bucket list for a long time now. However, being a busy student in Singapore with assignments piling up and chasing after project deadlines, I just never got round to learning how to ride a bicycle!

Then, I found out about the CarryAll compact foldable tricycle… 

Great for people who can’t cycle/balance

When I first started my internship at Mighty Velo, I was introduced to the CarryAll foldable tricycle. I learned that this tricycle was meant for people like me, who are unable to cycle or balance on a bicycle.

I was thrilled to have finally found something that I can ride, without the risk of falling off and hurting myself. Having three wheels means that I am able to maintain my balance and ride stably, even on rougher road conditions.

I took the folding tricycle out for a test ride and found it super easy and a lot of fun to ride. It felt so smooth and stable on the pavements and I was mostly delighted about not having to walk on my own two feet. But as fun as it is, riding the tricycle was also quite a workout, which I found to be great for people who like to exercise but can’t cycle. 

Think about it — unlike spin class, you can actually get somewhere exercising on a tricycle!

Suitable for the elderly and children/young adults with special needs 

Besides being great for people who cannot cycle or balance, the CarryAll foldable tricycle was actually specially designed for the elderly and children/young adults with special needs.

The young-at-heart who are looking to try out some light daily exercise would find this tricycle ideal for them. The tricycle is very light and easy to pedal with, making it great for people suffering from stiff joints or arthritis as well.

As for children or young adults with special needs that want to cycle with their parents, this tricycle can help them to do so. Parents can take their kids out for a ride with them as they do not have to worry about their child falling off the bike or not being able to pedal properly.

Easy to bring on board public transport

When I was first asked to take the CarryAll tricycle out for a photoshoot, I thought that it would be troublesome to bring it on board the train. But after taking it out for photo and video shoots, bringing it anywhere was such a breeze. The fact that it is foldable, keeps the tricycle compact and being able to roll it around makes it even more portable. It also weighs only 10.3kg so it isn’t a hassle to roll the tricycle at all. It is even approved by LTA to bring onto bus and MRT trains when folded.

The tricycle might look slightly bulkier than its two-wheeled counterpart, the CarryMe. However, it has a folded size of only 32cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 97cm (L), which fits into LTA’s size restriction for folded bicycles and PMDs allowed on public transport. This small size allows it to be stored in the car boot as well.

Able to relieve stress 

Riding the CarryAll folding tricycle around has always been a healing time for me. As the tricycle is single-speed, it can’t go very fast but I think that riding at a slower and more steady speed gives me the opportunity to take a good look at my surroundings. It has a very calming and relaxing effect, which makes it the perfect ride to unwind with.

The light workout on this wide-base tricycle during the day also helped me sleep better at night, which also improved my overall mental and physical health.

Fun to travel and explore the city with 

I have taken the CarryAll folding tricycle to many places in Singapore for shoots. From around the quaint neighbourhood of Boon Keng, to the bustling CBD area and even to shopping malls, the tricycle has been a great companion to travel with.

There was once I travelled all the way from the National Gallery, where I was having a photoshoot, to Clarke Quay for lunch. This took me only about half an hour and I even got to save on the transportation fee!

I would also take the CarryAll foldable tricycle out for rides at the nearest park connector for a light workout, and when I am tired I would just cycle to the nearest cafe or any food places, fold it up and park it next to my table while I enjoy my meal. It is that simple and easy to bring the tricycle around. 


The CarryAll folding tricycle provides both fun and fitness, making it perfect for a light workout or simply to cycle along with your friends and family without feeling left out.

I personally feel that it also gave me the opportunity to explore the scenic cycling routes in Singapore that I thought I was never able to because I couldn’t ride a bicycle. Being able to cycle anywhere I want without the fear that I will topple over or go out of control was definitely the best part of riding the CarryAll for me.

In summary, the CarryAll three-wheeled folding tricycle is suitable for anyone including those who cannot cycle or balance, children or young adults with special needs and the elderly who wants to do some daily light workout. It is also approved by LTA to be brought onto trains and buses, making it very convenient for you to bring the CarryAll folding tricycle anywhere.

Head down to the Mighty Velo Store at 259 Lavender Street to get your hands on the CarryAll Foldable Tricycle. It is also available online at LazMall Segway-Ninebot Flagship Store, Qoo10, and www.pacificcarryme.com.