Why are the CarryMe Foldable Bike and CarryAll Foldable Tricycle made of aluminium instead of steel?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for bicycles has skyrocketed. Yearning for a getaway, people go out in search of a bicycle, especially a foldable bike, to escape from their confinement in their homes. When choosing your first compact foldable bike, you need to consider these important factors. The important factors include price, portability, ease of folding and unfolding, as well as the material of the bicycle frame that does not rust. 
The type of bicycle frame material is important especially in Singapore which is humid and wet. Many cyclists would prefer bicycles that are not heavy, durable, long-lasting and rust-proof. In fact, did you know that Pacific Cycles in Taiwan only uses 7005-grade aluminium for their CarryMe foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle frames? 


CarryMe foldable bicycle is made of 7005 grade aluminium.

Aluminium vs Steel: Why is Aluminium Better?

Bicycle Weight
When buying your first foldable bike, you will want to choose one that is lightweight, compact and portable. A bike made of aluminium is lighter than a bike made of steel. This means an aluminium foldable bike is lighter than a steel foldable bike and you will ride faster on an aluminium bike with less effort as compared to on a steel bike. 
When a compact foldable bike is made of aluminium, children aged 8 years old and above, active seniors and petite-sized women will also enjoy riding it. 

When you cycle in Singapore, you will expect to cycle in hot humid weather and sometimes wet and rainy conditions. A steel bike frame will corrode at a much faster rate in wet and humid weather. This forms rust and can weaken the metal bicycle frame to a point where the bicycle becomes not safe for riding. This makes it very hard to maintain the bicycle over time. 
On the other hand, aluminium does not rust. This means that aluminium frames on bicycles will not weaken over time due to rust. If you want to own a compact foldable bike that is long-lasting, lightweight, rust-proof and portable, the Carryme foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle will be great options as they are made of 7005 grade aluminium. 

You can take the escalator to go into the train with the compact CarryMe foldable bicycle.


CarryMe foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle frames are made of 7005 grade aluminium

The material used for CarryMe foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle is 7005 grade aluminium alloy. This is the main alloy material you will find only in higher-end bicycle frames. 

When bike frames get thinner and lighter, the strength of the material becomes an important factor. 7005 grade aluminium is also harder and stronger compared to 6061 grade aluminium, hence it works well with light bike frames such as the CarryMe foldable bicycle. As both the CarryMe foldable bicycle and the CarryAll foldable tricycle are made of 7005 grade aluminium, they are not only lightweight, they are also strong and tough despite being small and compact. 


The CarryMe foldable bicycle is portable and easy to bring around even when folded down.

T6 Heating Treatment

The T6 Heating Treatment is a process applied to aluminium, copper and silicon alloys to strengthen it by up to 30%. The frames of the CarryMe foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle undergo this treatment as they are made of 7005 grade aluminium alloy.

The T6 treatment for a 7005 grade aluminium frame starts off by heating up the alloy to 90°C for five hours. The frames are then heated up to 140°C for 16 hours. This will harden the aluminium frame and increase its strength drastically. The last step of the process will be to cool the frames intensively with air.

Cycle with ease with the CarryAll foldable tricycle. 

What is the ride quality on an aluminium bike frame?

In my personal experience, Pacific Cycles’ CarryMe foldable bicycle and CarryAll foldable tricycle are very comfortable to ride as they provide a smooth riding experience. The lightness of the bikes also makes it easy for riders to breeze through the wind and carry it when folded down. The stiffness of the aluminium frame makes the bikes very responsive, and the specialized geometry of the frame combined with the 7005 aluminium also provides a stable ride. 

Over the years, bicycle designers have also found ways to change the shapes of the bicycle frame tubes to offer an even more compliant ride with current aluminium-framed bikes as compared to before. 

The CarryMe foldable bicycle is great for casual riding around the city.

Mighty Velo - The Folding Bike Specialist

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