Why the CarryMe microbike is more fun than a regular non-foldable bicycle

The CarryMe microbike rides differently from typical mountain bikes in terms of its compact design. This micro foldable bike is the smallest foldable bike in the world and also the lightest at 8.4 kg.

Designed for the first and last-mile commute, the CarryMe can fold and unfold in 15 seconds and you can just roll the folded CarryMe compact microbike into the train, or board the bus. You don't even need to carry it around because it can be quickly folded and rolled into public transport as it is within the permitted folded bike size allowed by the Land Transport Authority. 

On the other hand, a regular mountain bike or road bike cannot be folded and rolled into the MRT. Such bikes are not allowed in public transport and have to transported to destinations by a large van or you need to cycle all the way to your destination or cycle all the way home, even if it rains or it becomes unbearably warm to cycle!  

So when you are choosing a bicycle, you need to ask these questions:

1. What will I be using this new bike?

2. Do I have storage space for my bike?

3. Where do I plan to cycle with this bicycle?

4. Will I be taking the MRT or the bus as part of my regular commute to work or to places?

5.  Do I need a lot of speed in my new bike?

6. Will I know how to use multi gears on a bike or do I prefer simplicity?

7. Do I need a foldable bike because I do not have storage space at home?

8. Do I like the design of this bike?

9. Is this bike suited for my body shape, my height and weight?

10. Are there colour options that I can choose for this bike?

11. Do I like the colours of this new bike I am getting?

12. Is this bike good value for my lifestyle needs?

13. Is there a frame warranty for the bike?

14. Is there local bike store support if I buy this bike and can I get to the store easily for my repairs and getting spare parts. 

This is why we know the CarryMe is better than regular bikes.


The CarryMe is the lightest foldable bike in the world, no kidding! 

The CarryMe folding bicycle is only 8.4 kg!

It’s very lightweight, so you find it easy to ride it, roll it or carry it up the overhead bridge or a walk-up apartment.

This folding bike can be gripped by the stem when carrying it, which makes it easy to carry it up a flight of stairs. I find myself taking the escalators more often than the lift even though I’m bringing around a bicycle. The CarryMe foldable bike is just that compact, and I can easily lift it and take the escalator with it without causing an obstruction to other commuters. 

It is also helpful to have such a lightweight foldable bicycle when you’re taking the bus because you can get on quickly and have a fuss-free trip because you can whisk your CarryMe onto the bus effortlessly.


The compact CarryMe folding bike takes up a small footprint anywhere! 

Besides being convenient for when you’re outside, the CarryMe is also ideal if you’re looking for a bicycle that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Compared to a regular mountain bike, the CarryMe is compact with a folded size of 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L). This makes it easy to store and it won’t be an eyesore even if you place it somewhere visible, such as your living room, because of how sleek the design is.

Compared to a regular bike, where you would have to install racks for them, the CarryMe is easier to store and is less of a hassle.


Plus, if you ever decide to change the look of your home, you have to go through the trouble of taking off the racks. With the CarryMe, you wouldn’t have to make any additional changes to your space. Just roll it somewhere else, it’s that easy!

You can bring it into malls


The CarryMe can be brought into shopping malls and plenty of indoor spaces. You just have to fold it when you’re bringing it in and you can roll it anywhere. 

Personally, I’ve even brought the CarryMe to Jewel at Changi Airport without any problems. It was easy to maneuver and I could still navigate around the place with ease. Because of how compact and light it is, I could take the escalator so I don’t have to wait for the lift every time.

In fact, it may even spark a conversation with a stranger. Foldable bicycles may still be a new concept to others, and even if people know about folding bikes they may have an idea of what it looks like in their heads which may be closer to a Brompton or Iruka folding bicycle.

The CarryMe has a unique design that is sure to turn heads and you may get to have interesting conversations with people who are interested in the folding bike and want to get one.

You can bring the CarryMe on the go


The CarryMe is made for your everyday commute, so making it a part of your lifestyle will be easy-peasy. You can bring the CarryMe almost anywhere with you, even for daily errands like grocery shopping. 

You can cycle to the supermarket instead of walking or taking a bus (the waiting times can be really long sometimes). The CarryMe just makes running errands so much more enjoyable!


The CarryMe is fast, don't be fooled by its micro size and 8-inch wheels! 

Even though having multiple gears and bigger wheels means that a regular bike can travel at much faster speeds than a CarryMe, there are many other factors that make for a smooth everyday commute for you to consider.

Sure, you may be able to travel faster with a mountain bike, but think about how much more time you get to save by taking public transport with your CarryMe foldable bike. 

Additionally, think about the weight these features add to the mountain bike, making it harder to push and carry around. The CarryMe may not be fit for travelling on loose surfaces like a mountain bike, but in a modernized city like Singapore, public transport is still your best bet if you want to beat the traffic.

And with the CarryMe, you can enhance your everyday commute and save time and money in the long run. 

To put it briefly, the CarryMe is great for people who are always on the go, and it’s perfect for those who want to store their bicycles in the most efficient manner. It is a light and compact folding bicycle that is perfect for those who want to incorporate their CarryMe into their lifestyle.