A whole new adventure awaits

The CarryMe foldable bike and CarryAll three-wheeled tricycle come in a fun riot of nine happy colours. Choose one that brings out your personality and sparks joy! 

Take the CarryMe on your next travel, in the CarryMe travel case. Commute with it on the train and bus. 

If you get stuck in rain, just fold the bike and hop onto the next bus. Put the folded bike into a car boot to go East Coast to cycle. 

Ride the CarryAll tricycle if you cannot cycle or balance.  You will enjoy the CarryAll from the first moment! 

For the elderly, the CarryAll will bring you hours of joy in the sun, as you take a spot of exercise and stretch your hands and legs on the super handy CarryAll tricycle! 

As for children or young adults with special needs, parents will like the CarryAll for their child to cycle alongside them and being able to keep them safe and slow. 


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